Exhibitor Press Releases

  • Exhibitors may submit press releases to APICexhibits@conferencemanagers.com.
  • Press will be provided these press releases in their welcome information.
  • Be sure to include contact info in the press release so that any attending press may reach out to you for further information.

Press Room Policies

  • The Press Room, is open to media representatives only unless otherwise arranged and approved by Liz Garman, egarman@apic.org.
  • The Press Room is reserved as a work area for journalists. Exhibitors are not allowed beyond the reception area unless individuals have been invited for an interview and are met by a registered reporter.
  • APIC staff is the designated agent to handle all media relations for the APIC Annual Conference. Other newsrooms are not permitted.
  • APIC and its PR firm do not share media lists.
  • With prior permission from Liz Garman at APIC Headquarters, exhibitors are welcome to display materials in a designated exhibitor area of the Press Room.
  • If universities, foundations, or exhibitors would like to issue a news release mentioning a presentation at the APIC Annual Conference, it needs to be approved by the APIC Communications team. Approved press releases will be made available in the Press Room.
  • EMBARGO POLICY: All exhibitor news releases, media alerts, and other news materials regarding research presented at the APIC meeting must be embargoed until the start of the meeting on June 13, 2018.
  • Media events by exhibitors must be cleared through APIC Communications.
  • APIC rules prohibit news conferences by exhibitors Wednesday, 6/13.

Media Eligibility

  • Press badges are available only to working press who can show evidence that their attendance results in coverage of the APIC meeting in the print, broadcast, or online media.
  • APIC does not issue press badges to: a publication’s advertising, marketing, public relations or sales representatives; publishers, editors, or reporters from manufacturers’ house organs or promotional publications; public relations staff of exhibitors or educational institutions; writers creating analyses or reports sold as a commodity to customers; or other individuals who are not actually reporting on the meeting. Exhibitors may not register as press.

Exhibit Hall

  • Members of the press who are registered to attend the meeting and are wearing press badges are welcome in the exhibit hall.
  • Reporters, photographers, and video crews covering the Annual Conference are issued clearly marked press badges at registration. Photographers and video crews must obtain exhibitors’ permission before photographing or videotaping exhibits in their booths.

Session Access and Rules

  • All APIC scientific presentations are open to the media, with the exception of business, committee, and administrative meetings, which are closed to the public. Access to ticketed sessions is available on a space‐available basis. Media are not permitted to photograph or publish APIC presenters’ slides. If you have questions, please e‐mail egarman@apic.org